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Be the best you can be on LinkedIn with the right training

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08 Jul Be the best you can be on LinkedIn with the right training

You like to think of yourself as quite adept at using social media. The rewards for using it in the right ways are fantastic and can boost your profile, help improve the reach of your content, and much more besides. For lead generation and making professional acquaintances, though, there’s nothing better than marketing yourself properly on LinkedIn.

But while you may be using social media in the right ways, can you look around the office and honestly say that other staff members are doing the same? It’s not the worst thing in the world if they aren’t; they may not be terribly social-savvy, or they may feel like just having a profile is enough. It may not even be too high up on your company’s list of objectives.

But there are so many ways to generate incredible, high-quality leads using LinkedIn’s tools and services in a very cost-effective manner. Top level positions and higher management figures in a company can especially make good use of it; the only problem is that you don’t have the time or broad skill-set to sit with a number of people to train them on how to use LinkedIn.

Whether looking for more B2B or B2C business leads and opportunities your business and its employees can potentially attract more high-quality enquiries with an optimised profile and strategy, and that’s where consultancy and training packages come in. Our services can help your company and its team make the most of LinkedIn and use it to make headways in your industry.

So, why should the management structure (and beyond) in your company understand the benefits of a solid LinkedIn strategy? There are so many positives it can bring, from recruiting potential new staff to attracting better leads and showing the strengths of the different departments across your business.

Outreach is one of LinkedIn’s greatest strengths, and if you have profiles in unison with your business that show your employees in an impressive and honest light then it can give the overall impression of your business a boost. But LinkedIn is also mainly an individual’s games; teaching people how to create content, share it with the right people, and maximise its reach is worth its weight in gold.

To get the most out of LinkedIn, though, it’s worth knowing how to make best use of tools including Pulse, Slideshare, Groups, Advanced Search, and much more besides in a creative strategy that complements the key parts of your business.

When training up people to use social media the best way to typically go about it is showing-by-doing, and being on hand to guide people to help them answer any questions they may have. If you don’t want to go that far, then our consultancy and management services can help you create an effective LinkedIn strategy that gets you noticed and generates leads for your business.

Learn more about our consultancy packages or in-house LinkedIn training modules by contacting our team today.

John Meadowcroft