LinkedIn Lead Generation | FAQs
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How does the campaign work?


  • We will duplicate your current LinkedIn profile and optimise it to ensure the best possible connection acceptance rates. (NB: Duplication ensures zero risk with your original profile)


  • We use our experience and the advanced search features on LinkedIn to target 1000 contacts that fit your requirements


  • We send a personalised connection request message to all 1000 target contacts asking them to join your network


  • We allow time for connection requested to be accepted and from here we have a highly targeted database from which to promote your service or business


  • We will send all new connections a personalized sales message promoting your service or business, and further prompting them with an easy call-to-action (book call, book meeting, find out more, etc)


  • We review all communications during the campaign and provide you with regular reports which contains only qualified leads that are looking to engage with your business.


How do we target your prospects?


Prospects lists are created and refined using the advanced search function on LinkedIn focusing on Job Title, Industry and Location. To get the best results we need to use the ‘advanced search’ filters which require an upgrade account (Business Plus). We will advise when you need to action this as part of the campaign.


How long does it take to deliver a campaign?


Our approach has been refined over the last 8 years of delivering over 200 client campaigns. As a rule the initial campaign take 4-6 weeks to setup and deliver. Subsequent campaign times will take less time as the research and setup phase does not need to be repeated.


How many prospects will accept my connection request?


The connection request acceptance rate does vary by industry but as a guide you can expect around 52% of people to accept your invitation. Other factors that may affect acceptance rates include the quality of your profile, the service that you are offering and the seniority of the target audience targeted.


How many leads will the campaign generate?


  • From the 1000 connection requests that we send you can typically expect a 52% acceptance rate


  • From the circa 500 sales/promotional messages we send you can expect a response rate of circa 10.3%


  • From the circa 50 responses you will receive you can expect a response to lead rate of circa 20%


  • A typical LinkedIn campaign will result in circa 10 leads being created for you and your business.


  • You will also have created a new database of 500 contacts which can be targeted again in future campaigns as warm contacts


NB: These figures are for guidance and are not guaranteed. The quality and volume of the leads will vary and we recommend that you further qualify all leads before you attend sales meetings.

Typical conversion rates :


The following conversion rates are based on a typical campaign in the sectors listed below:


LLG Conversion Table


How are the connection request and sales messages composed?


We will work closely with you to create a tailored and highly impactful connection request and sales message. We look to combine our experience of running successful campaigns with your knowledge of the industry to create engaging messages.


How can I monitor progress?


We will liaise with you at every step of the process to ensure that you are fully appraised of progress and have signed off each key element before we proceed. You will receive regular reports on activity and leads generated by the campaign.


How do we start?


We require some basic details about your company and access to your LinkedIn profile in the first instance. We will arrange call or meeting to discuss the specific targeting requirements for your campaign and define the precise strategy that we will adopt. From there you can leave to us and we will report back once the assessment and research has been completed.


What do you require?


  • Access to your current LinkedIn profile or permission to create a new LinkedIn profile in your name
  • A company email address which can be accessed via a web browser
  • A professional profile picture of you (smart or professional dress)
  • Basic details about your business and service
  • Basic details of your personal hobbies and interests to build a rapport and add credibility to the new profile (favorite places, foods, films or books)
  • Your website URL
  • A contact number that your new prospects can reach you on directly
  • A company presentation (PowerPoint or via web link)
  • A copy of your CV (if you do not have an active LinkedIn profile)


Are there any risks to the campaign?


Although a very rare occurrence there is risk that your duplicate profile can placed ‘in restriction’ due to rules put in place by LinkedIn to ensure people use the platform correctly. The restriction can be added if too many connection requests are rejected on the basis that the person does not know you or they believe the message to be spam.


We negate this by never using your original account and by only targeting highly relevant people with a personalized message that is designed to elicit a positive response. Our focus is to provide you the best possible conversion rate.


Where a restriction is placed on the account we will respond to LinkedIn on your behalf to have the restriction lifted. Typically LinkedIn accept the request and we can continue with your campaign. We will also down load a .csv file of all your contacts so you have a back-up copy.


Do I own all the new contacts?


Absolutely, yes. The profile will be in your name and yours to keep. All new contacts can also be exported to a .csv file and sent to you as a backup once the campaign has ended.

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