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Generating leads with a powerful LinkedIn presence

Lead Generation

17 May Generating leads with a powerful LinkedIn presence

It’s worth having a social media profile, right? It looks good for your business if you have a Facebook and a Twitter, doesn’t it? Of course it does in theory, but you’re only going to get value from your social media campaign if you spend time using it and making connections with people. The clue’s in the name: social media.

But each type of social media profile has different strengths than others. Facebook, for instance, typically attracts more content engagement than Twitter. All forms of social media have a part to play in your business strategy, but for generating new business and attracting high-quality leads that really boost your brand there’s not much better than LinkedIn.

The professionals’ network is an incredible way to show who you are to the wider business world, but as we say, you won’t get much out of LinkedIn if you don’t use it. Optimising your profile, posting and sharing content, joining groups, creating a business profile and more is a phenomenal way to raise interest, open conversations with people, and close deals.

But how exactly do you generate high-quality leads with LinkedIn? It depends on the time you invest in the service, yes, but also more importantly it’s how you use it and how you come across. Your profile is a visual representation of your professional self, remember, and the best way to intrigue people is to optimise your profile as best as you can and be positive about your career to-date.

LinkedIn isn’t only a place to highlight your achievements, though. There are all sorts of tools that the platform gives you to further your reach and connect with potential leads that can become long-term clients and investors:

LinkedIn Pulse is the site’s publishing platform, and encourages the creation of original content from users to give them more of a voice and help them on their way to becoming a serious influencer. Regular content angled toward your industry and audience can generate debate, discussion, and get a lot of potential leads on your side if you hit the right tone with your article.

Joining groups is another way to meet people in your industry and discuss topics relevant to your business. LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups, and they’re a wonderful place to meet industry insiders and discuss important issues with them. Creating debate and answering other people’s questions is also useful.

Using LinkedIn’s advanced search tools also helps you target the right people in specific industries you may be interested in connecting with, but don’t overload them with spam or send them rogue invites. Making valuable connections is a slow-burn, and there’s a right and wrong way to go about it. Do it right, though, and you can make connections that last a lifetime.

We can’t give away all our secrets, though! These tips are, well, the tip of the iceberg.

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John Meadowcroft