LinkedIn Lead Generation | Lead Generation Process
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Lead Generation Process

How do we generate business leads for you using LinkedIn?

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1. Planning and Optimisation

Our first goal is to understand your business and the demographic of the target customer that you are looking to make contact with. Having a deep understanding of who you are targeting will allow us to create a bespoke and highly effective LinkedIn lead generation campaign.


Your campaign manager will help you optimise your LinkedIn profile to ensure the best possible conversion rates for your campaign. We plan the strategy out and make sure we have all the information we need. From here you can leave it to us to get started and get your campaign rolling.

2. Advanced Searches and Tagging

Next we use the advanced search functions on LinkedIn to create a highly targeted list of 1000 prospects that fit your exact requirements. We work with you to focus in on the Job Title, Industry, Company Size and Location of your prospect to make sure our list is as well defined as possible.


Depending on the prospects that you are targeting and the maturity of your LinkedIn profile an account upgrade may be required (Business Plus is the first level upgrade available). We will advise you of any required account upgrade prior to the commencement of the campaign.

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3. Personalised Invitations

We will work with you to create a personalised and highly effective connection request message which we will send out to each prospect individually. The message will be further tailored to your industry and the demographics of your target prospects to ensure the highest chance of acceptance.


The key to this stage is to get as many people possible to accept your connection request as possible. Standard acceptance rates are lower than 20%, but our method typically receives between 40 – 60% acceptance rates (dependent on a industry and seniority).

4. Personalised Sales Message

Once we have invited 1000 people and waited for (circa 500) people to accept your request we will create a tailored sale or promotional message. We will work closely with you to create a brief but highly engaging and high impact message that conveys who you are, what you sell and an offer for a further conversation.


The sales message will be highly tailored combining your USPs and our experience of writing messages that really attract peoples attention. The sole aim here is to get people interested in your product or service and encourage them to engage further (brochure via email, conference call or face-to-face meeting).


From here you take over the communications with the prospect and run your sales process as you normally would!

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5. Sales Pipeline and Reporting

During the campaign you will receive regular sales pipeline updates and reports from your dedicated campaign manager. Your campaign manager will optimise your profile and ensure that all leads are sent to you in good time for you to make contact and close the sale.


Once the campaign has ended all the contacts that you connected with will remain your property and you can move to our monthly management program or you can continue to market to them yourself. Our campaigns are designed to be flexible and allow you to choose your level of involvement.

Ready to start generating leads from LinkedIn..?