LinkedIn Lead Generation | LinkedIn strategies to help you generate more leads
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LinkedIn strategies to help you generate more leads

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19 Mar LinkedIn strategies to help you generate more leads

What’s the point of having a social media profile if you’re not going to use it? Optimising it for potential leads, joining groups and more is a brilliant way to get your name out there and generate leads, but how do you promote yourself better without looking like you’re banging your own drum?

Instead of spending money to promote and market yourself, there are actually a number of simple ways to make the most of your profile and attract more people to your page.

One of the easiest and most effective ways is to put social media buttons in the footer of your email accounts along with links to your pages and calls to action to encourage people to visit. Minimal but effective, giving people the option and incentive to visit your profile and add you as a connection in an email is a powerful way to spread your LinkedIn profile further without appearing desperate.

A similar option is to place LinkedIn buttons on your website and its content to let people know that they can get in touch with the author and key people within the business, and carry on the discussion on LinkedIn. In contrast, there are other offline measures that you can take such as putting your LinkedIn profile’s address on your business cards, in-store leaflets, and other media.

When it comes to a social strategy it’s wise not to put your eggs in one basket. Creating a post on LinkedIn Pulse, for instance, and contributing a discussion in a group is a great way to engage with potential leads, but the message can also be spread further with cross-promotion on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

The key words here are optimisation and strategy. If you make your profiles – business and personal – as good as they can be and take the time to engage with them, and pair them with a creative strategy that funnels leads straight into your inbox, then there shouldn’t really be too much call to spend more money on advertising when the tools are already there for you to use.

In technical terms the process is called conversion rate optimisation, and is an essential method to streamlining your website and profiles to save more time and attract higher-quality leads. Even if you were to invest in more advertising, would the results be any different if your profiles and landing pages aren’t really what your target audience are looking for?

It may mean a few small tweaks or a complete overhaul, but optimising your profile properly and making it visible in certain areas of your site and overall strategy on a consistent basis helps strengthen the power of your LinkedIn profile, and gives you much greater scope to attract potential investment, recruitment opportunities, customers, and many other new acquaintances.

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